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The Guardian Live: Making Sense of 2017

Wednesday May 29 2024 • 10:23am - 10:23am ET

From the latest twists in the Trump-Russia investigation to the troubling rise of far right movements around the world to the historic outpouring of sexual assault allegations, the Guardian’s columnists and writers will help us unpack the biggest stories of this tumultuous year in a series of 15-minute lightning conversations.


The 5am tweet with David Smith and John Mulholland

The Guardian‘s Washington bureau chief and its new editor of Guardian Us on the turbulent year in American politics.

The Weinstein Effect with Jessica Valenti and Molly Redden

The Guardian‘s feminism columnist and its senior reporter on gender quality on the courageous women and tenacious journalists who kicked off one of the fastest-moving social movements in American history.

The rise of white nationalism with senior reporter Lois Beckett and Jamiles Lartey

Reporters on the emboldened white nationalist movement in America and the challenge of covering the story without giving white supremacists the media attention.


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