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Collaborate with Us

The Greene Space exists to make live art and journalism by and for all New Yorkers eager to join us in creating a stronger, more beautiful and equitable world. We work in collaboration with individuals, collectives, and partner organizations whose mission and values align with ours.

The Greene Space’s Artist-in-Residence program hands the mic to ambitious artists, curators and collectives eager to connect with live audiences, creating something new together in real time.

Our artists-in-residence must… 

  • Be based in the NYC metro area
  • Have new work to present that is aligned with our mission, our values and our editorial criteria 
  • Be able to work with our resources.
    • New work can mean that you’ll be doing a Greene Space-commissioned work, a world premiere of work that you’re already undertaking, or just the first time the work will be presented in NYC.
    • For curators or performers, your proposed format should either be a series of three or more live events OR a festival/marathon/conference spanning one or more days.
    • For visual artists, you must be able to exhibit your work in our space for a period of no less than eight weeks.
    • Work must be compatible with the physical limitations of our venue (i.e. we can display photographs, we cannot display an enormous sculpture; we can present a trio, we cannot present an orchestra).
    • Lead time before the first event/exhibition proposed must be no less than three months from the time you submit a proposal.

We work with prospective artists-in-residence to hone proposals, support the creative development and pre-production of the work where desired and appropriate, provide a stipend in scale with the overall project budget, publicize the residency and promote the work and fully support the execution of all live shows or exhibitions in The Greene Space.

Our artists-in-residence have included been rapper and writer Dessa, composer and pianist Arturo O’Farrill, writer and critic Hilton Als, photographer June Canedo, musician and curator Madison McFerrin, pianist Jeremy Denk, and journalist Imara Jones

If you’d like to submit a residency proposal or find out more, email us at thegreenespace@nypublicradio.org

We welcome proposals for exhibitions, performances, speakers, artists, or new programs for The Greene Space.  Here are the things we’d like to find in your proposal. 


  • Describe the overall concept of your performance/exhibit/event/series in a few sentences. Share your working title as well if applicable. 
  • In a city with seemingly endless options for going out, what makes this one distinct and unmissable? 
  • If you’ve done anything similar before, describe it or include links that will let us know the content, format and scale.  
  • Are there any similar happenings around NYC? If you don’t know of any, why do you think that’s the case?  


  • Who is your audience? You may cite demographics, but also think in terms of psychographic traits like interests, behaviors, values and attitudes. A good way to express this is often to say what your audience is doing when they’re not at your event, what they like to do/watch/read/listen to/visit.
  • How is your audience going to hear about this event?
  • What’s going to draw them to attend?


  • What production budget will be needed to support this work? 
  • If any partners or funders are already involved, tell us about them.


  • What is the timeframe for this to happen?


  • What would a successful partnership show/exhibit/event/series look like? 
  • What impact do you want our collaboration to have?
  • How would you build on the work we do here to further your goals?


Send proposals to us at thegreenespace@wnyc.org. Our small team is not able to offer personalized feedback on proposals that we do not intend to pursue, but we won’t ghost you either! You can expect to hear from us within 1-2 weeks.  

The Greene Space offers audiences drinks, food and activities pre-show that are as engaging, relevant and local as the programs they come to see on stage. Partners who donate products or services aligned with our programming receive recognition at specific events or all season long, depending on partnership duration and scope. To propose a partnership, email us at thegreenespace@wnyc.org.

The Greene Space is funded by you.

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