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Young Immigrants in the Big Apple: Hear Their Stories

Sunday May 26 2024 • 10:36pm - 10:36pm ET

Mukhtar Essa performs in The Greene Space at WNYC.

What does it means to learn and strive in New York City as a newcomer? We explored immigrant student life with an evening of spoken word performances recorded live in The Greene Space on May 5.

With compelling storytelling, local teens relayed their experiences on fitting in or feeling judged, embracing their culture or becoming a New Yorker — or all of the above. These young immigrants and first-generation Americans are learning to find their voice here in the U.S. at a time when national attitudes toward immigrants can be negative and divisive.

So, what do these teens have to teach us? A lot.  Hosted by comedian Janelle James.

Watch performance excerpts in our playlist:

Watch the entire show:

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