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There Goes the Neighborhood: The Way Forward for Gentrified Brooklyn

Monday July 15 2024 • 5:14am - 5:14am ET

Monica Bailey, featured in There Goes the Neighborhood, talks live in The Greene Space

Gentrification is something everyone is talking about — and the conversation is often heated. It’s a complicated idea with a range of factors: race, class, history, policy. And of course there is the personal experience that we each bring to the table.

WNYC Studios and The Nation wrapped their podcast There Goes the Neighborhood, an in-depth look at gentrification in Brooklyn, with a live event in The Greene Space at WNYC on May 2. The show featured a series of micro-conversations between people highlighted in the podcast and special guests. The evening was hosted by comedian Khalid Rahmaan.

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Micro-Conversation 1: ‘I Ain’t Moving’
How to push back on gentrification like a boss

Culture writer Michael Arceneaux in conversation with Monica Bailey from Episode 1.

Micro-Conversation 2: Developers are People Too
Being a developer at the height of gentrification can mean being regularly assumed the bad guy, but there is a mindful and socially conscious approach.

Fortune magazine contributor Ellen McGirt speaks with developer Boaz Gilad in Episode 4.

Micro-Conversation 3: Gentrification for the Win
How to show up in an historically black or brown neighborhood if you’re a white gentrifier. 

CNN political correspondent Sally Kohn with Elizabeth Grefrath from Episode 4.

Micro-Conversation 4: We’re Not in Brooklyn Anymore
Reconciling what you thought Brooklyn was, and what it has become.

WNYC producer Rebecca Carroll in conversation with novelist Daniel Jose Older.

Watch the entire show:

About There Goes The Neighborhood

An in-depth look at the gentrification of Brooklyn, from the developers to the mayor’s plan for affordable housing, to the integral role that race plays in the process. Produced by The Nation and WNYC Studios. Learn more.

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