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The Parents’ Guide to Doing It

Tuesday May 21 2024 • 6:07pm - 6:07pm ET

Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, sex educator Twanna Hines and Longest Shortest Time host Hillary Frank in The Greene Space

Real talk: Sex and parenthood can be complicated.

How do you get your groove back after childbirth? Is there a way to keep things fresh through the often unsexy phase (ovulation sticks!) of trying to conceive? Once you have those kids, how can you explain sex to them in a way that won’t scar them for life?

The Longest Shortest Time podcast and Mater Mea teamed up live on our stage on Oct. 6, 2015 for a frank and fun conversation about sex through every stage of parenthood. Host Hillary Frank invited sex educator Twanna Hines and Dr. Hilda Hutcherson (a.k.a “Dr. Hilda”) for a racy Q & A that wasn’t afraid to go there.

Watch the full conversation below.

These videos contain explicit language and adult content.


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