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The New York Times Podcast Club Talks Death, Sex & Money’s Student Loan Secrets

Monday June 24 2024 • 10:38pm - 10:38pm ET

The New York Times Podcast Club

Podcast obsessives, take a break from your earbuds to watch a first-ever live meetup of The New York Times Podcast Club, a weekly geek-out over the best in on-demand audio that expanded from a NYT staff-only meeting in a conference room to Facebook and now to The Greene Space.

The club came together to talk about WNYC Studios’ Death, Sex and Money episodes on student loan debt and how it’s affected Americans’ lives. Host Anna Sale, senior producer Katie Bishop and mix engineer/sound designer/composer Andrew Dunn discussed the ins and outs of how the show is made with Samantha Henig, The Times’ editorial director of audio.

About Podcast Mixtape

This is a demo, a rough draft, a sample. Monday nights in The Greene Space we swap post-production for live ruckus with happy hour tapings of your favorite podcasts, conversations with people who make great tape, and audio experiments of all kinds. There will be drinks and time to mingle. We’re live. We’ll surprise. Be kind.

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