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The Mysterious Life of J.S. Bach

Bach's Well-Tempered Lens with Jeremy Denk

Friday July 12 2024 • 3:03pm - 3:03pm ET

Shervin Lainez

Pianist Jeremy Denk continues his residency with The Greene Space at WQXR, curating and performing in a series of events exploring Bach’s life and his most iconic work.

There are hundreds of Bach biographies, but not nearly as many facts. Many of the key facts are contentious, arguable, open to many interpretations. Tonight, as Denk continues his residency, we’ll hear from biographers, musicians and from the composer himself to develop a clearer idea of the person behind the work.

A winner of the MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship and the Avery Fisher Prize, Denk will draw audiences into the technical, musicological, cultural and philosophical elements involved in his own approach to this deeply personal work, and through this series look at how these timeless themes and shared aspects of the human experience can help to unite us in these divided times.


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