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The Brian Lehrer Show Live: Reps. Nadler and Jeffries, Jia Tolentino, Hari Kondabolu and More

Watch Live: Brian Lehrer in the Greene Space

Thursday July 25 2024 • 3:47am - 3:47am ET

Brian Lehrer broadcasting live from The Greene Space

WNYC’s Brian Lehrer broadcasted his show live from The Greene Space. On the show: comedian Hari Kondabolu, U.S. Representatives Jerrold Nadler and Hakeem Jeffries, writer Jia Tolentino, Sian Beilock, president of Barnard College, and Marvin Krislov, president of Pace University.

Watch segment clips below, or see the full show at the bottom of the page.

Rep. Nadler and Rep. Jeffries

U.S. Representatives Jerrold Nadler (D, NY-10) and Hakeem Jeffries (D, NY-8) talk about their work on the House Judiciary Committee and the recent testimony by Jeff Sessions, the Russia investigations, plus the GOP tax bill that passed the House.

A Reminder That at Least a Dozen Women Have Accused Our President of Sexual Assault or Harassment

As stories of sexual assault and harassment by powerful men sweep through the news, Jia Tolentino, contributing writer for newyorker.com, discusses the many accusations women have made against President Trump, and how their stories fit into this #MeToo era.

New College Presidents on Campus Life in NYC

Two colleges in the area have new leadership. Sian Beilock, president of Barnard College, and Marvin Krislov, president of Pace University, discuss their new jobs and the issues on campuses today.

The Problem with Apu

Hari Kondabolu, comedian, actor, and host of the podcast Politically Re-Active, discusses his new documentary “The Problem with Apu,” in which he confronts his cartoon nemesis and minority representation in the media.

Watch the full show:


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