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(Still) Live from New York: Works from Home, Ep. 8

Still Live from NYC: Works from Home

Monday July 15 2024 • 10:08pm - 10:08pm ET

Featured Artists and Tip Jar

Mark Ethan Toporek

To Carry On: An Anthem of the American Immigrant Experience

Performers: Christian Arteaga, Gideon Broshy, Daisy Cardozo, Marcos Cohen, Akilah Etienne, Isabella Gamez, Emanuel Giella, Ching Juhl, Rocio Lopez, Adrianna Mateo, Pablo Sandana and Juan Unzueta.

Website: www.carryon-anthem.com/

Karolena Theresa

A Cat Love Song

IG: @karobeanah

Venmo: @karolena-greenidge

Nathan Schram

Where We Are Not

IG: @schramnate

Venmo:  nathan-schram-1

Nat Osborn

What I’m Doing Right

Performers: Nat Osborn, Sam Merrick, Rueben Cainer, Andrew McGovern, Darren Mastropaolo, and Caroline, Adam, Michele and Brien Fraser

IG: @natosborn

Venmo:  @nat-osborn

Nikki Palumbo & Taylor Ortega

Quar Song (What Are You Doing?)

Performers:  Taylor Ortega & Nikki Palumbo

IG: @nikkipal, @taylortega

Venmo: @nikkipal

The Players Club Steppers

Black Lives Matter performance 

Performers:  Ed Nelson, Ortega Mack, Devane Greene , Kathleena Garling, Austin Washington and Damonique Lovelance.

IG: @playersclubent

Venmo: @King-Leo




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