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(Still) Live from New York: Works from Home, Ep. 7

Still Live from NYC: Works from Home

Thursday July 25 2024 • 3:51am - 3:51am ET

The Greene Space

Climb into our joy machine for 30 minutes and you’ll see what a few local musicians, comedians, dancers and animators can do with nothing but their talents and whatever gear they’ve got in their apartments.

Your esteemed MC Adam Hamway is very much LIVE, and all the videos he’ll introduce to you were curated by The Greene Space team and created by New York City artists while the city has been on pause for social distancing.

Here are tonight’s featured artists: Like them! Tip them on Venmo or support their favorite local nonprofits!

Martha Graham Dance Company:
IG: @marthagrahamdance
Donate: marthagraham.org/support
“Keigwin Variation” performed by Lloyd Knight, Xin Ying, Lloyd Mayor, Lorenzo Pagano, Natasha Diamond-Walker, Charlotte Landreau, Anne O’Donell, Anne Souder, Leslie Andrea Williams, Laurel Dalley Smith, So Young An and Marzia Menoli. Music by Frederic Chopin, performed by Anne Vadagnin.

Dennis Kim:
IG: @thecloseupartist
Venmo: @denniskmagic
Close Up Magic with Cards

Jay Braun Featuring Jesse Wallace:
Venmo: @Jay-Braun
“The Far Unknown” (The Jesse in Space Edition)

Suhana Jagadesa:
IG: @suhana_jag
Venmo: @Su-Jag
“Tere Bina x Jasne Bahara” – An A.R. Rahman Tribute

The Villalobos Brothers:
IG: @villalobos_brothers
Venmo: @Ness-Villalobos
“Which Side Are You On” performed by Ernesto Villalobos, Alberto Villalobos + Victor Murillo

Black Excellence Trombone Choir:
IG: #blackexcellencetrombone
Venmo: @Weston-Sprott
“Lift Every Voice and Sing” performed by Luther Allison, Taylor Alexis, Hakeen Bilal, Isrea Butler, James Burton, Kenton Campbell, Chris Crenshaw, Gabriel Colby, Cooper Cromwell-Whitley, Jordyn Davis, Chris Davis, Skye Dearborn, Robin Eubanks, Michael Dease, Wycliffe Gordon, Jason Jackson, David Jackson, Keith Jackson, Martin McCain, Burt Mason, Earl McIntyre, Darrin Milling, Jeffery Miller, Andrae Murchison, Ulysses Owens Jr., Erica Nichols, Douglas Purviance, Jahleel Smith, John Romero, Robyn Smith, Weston Sprott, Stephen Smith, Kenneth Thompkins, Dion Tucker and Ehren Valme.


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