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(Still) Live from New York: Works from Home, Ep. 2

Still Live from NYC: Works from Home

Friday June 14 2024 • 8:24am - 8:24am ET

Climb into our joy machine for 30 minutes and you’ll see what a few local musicians, comedians, dancers and animators can do with nothing but their talents and whatever gear they’ve got in their apartments.

Your esteemed MC Adam Hamway is very much LIVE, and all the videos he’ll introduce to you were curated by The Greene Space team and created by New York City artists while the city has been on pause for social distancing.

Tune in here on this page at 7pm ET, support the scene and save your FOMO for, umm, everything else in life. 

Here are tonight’s featured artists: Like them! Tip them on Venmo or support their favorite local nonprofits!

Curtis Stewart “Paganini Caprice #11”

Inwood, NY

Performers: Curtis Stewart

Insta: curtis.stewart_violin

Venmo: NA


Athena Chuang “Quarantine With Me”

Brooklyn, NY

Performers: Athena Chuang

Insta: NA

Venmo: NA


Matthew Russell “Like Clouds”

Brooklyn, NY

Performers: Alex Curtis, Matthew Russell. Music is a previously released recording by Phillip Roebuck (with permission)

Insta: @loveinnyseries

Venmo: NA


Jean Rohe “Alone Together”

Flatbush, Brooklyn

Performers: Darren Solomon, Jean Rohe

Insta: @jeanrohe @darsolo

Venmo: @Jean-Rohe


John Pickford Richards ‘John Luther Adams, “Maclaren Summit” from The Wind in High Places’

New York City

Performers: JACK Quartet (Austin Wulliman and Christopher Otto, violins; John Pickford Richards, viola; Jay Campbell, cello)

Insta: @jackquartet

Venmo: NA


Claire Avakian “Fly Me To The Mood”

Astoria, Queens

Youtube: Claire & Lisa

Venmo: @Lisa-Bettencourt



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