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Reading James Joyce: Black 47’s Larry Kirwan, Author Victor LaValle and Broadcaster Frank Delaney

'Dubliners: A Quartet'

Originally Aired: Monday August 4, 2014

Larry Kirwan, author, radio host and frontman of Black 47

James Joyce’s Dubliners has meant many things to readers over the course of its century in print. We asked three New Yorkers who are among the book’s biggest fans for their take on the Joyce classic and how his stories continue to inspire them: author Victor LaValle, Larry Kirwan of the band Black 47, and author and broadcaster Frank Delaney.

Why Read Joyce?
On the humor, rhythm, danger and excitement of Joyce’s prose.

On Inspiration
LaValle on how Joyce’s stories about the ordinary people of Dublin influenced his own writing of the underrepresented voices in his Queens neighborhood; Kirwan on the author’s enduring hold on the musical mind.

Why is Dubliners so Cool?
One of the most revered writers in the Western canon is also a subversive.

The Music of the Language
On why Joyce’s works are often better heard aloud than read.

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