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Q2 Music Presents NOW Ensemble Performing New Album ‘Dreamfall’

Friday June 14 2024 • 7:50am - 7:50am ET

NOW Ensemble performing live in The Greene Space

Q2 Music presented an evening with indie-classical standard-bearers NOW Ensemble on Mon, June 15 in celebration of the group’s newest album, “Dreamfall.”

The ensemble’s fourth album features seven composers – Scott Smallwood, Mark Dancigers, John Supko, Nathan Williamson, Sarah Kirkland Snider, Andrea Mazzariello and Judd Greestein – and is by far the biggest and most ambitious record for the group to date. Larger than life, ranging from ferocious to meditative to grooving and beautiful, the album is like the life of the ensemble itself over the past few years: pulsing with an urgent message, a desire to open up, be heard, share sound and unmediated musical worlds.

Hosted by Q2 Music’s Helga Davis, the evening included on-stage interviews with featured composers. NOW Ensemble consists of New York new-music superstars clarinetist Alicia Lee, double bassist Logan Coale, guitartist Mark Dancigers, pianist Michael Mizrahi and flutist Alexandra Sopp.

Watch the entire performance below:


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