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Pianist Matt Herskowitz Performs Bach’s Prelude in C minor, Live at Bach Lounge

Thursday May 30 2024 • 12:36am - 12:36am ET

Matt Herskowitz at WQXR's Bach Lounge

Pianist and composer Matt Herskowitz was among the performers at WQXR’s Bach Lounge — a two-part evening celebrating cross-genre interpretations of J.S. Bach’s work. Here, he performs Bach’s Prelude in C minor, which he recorded for the Grammy-nominated soundtrack to the 2003 animated film “The Triplets of Belleville.”

Host Terrance McKnight noted the performance was reminiscent of the classical pianist Glenn Gould.

“That’s because I was originally hired by [director] Sylvain Chomet to play this prelude in the style of Glenn Gould, basically to imitate his performance for the movie,” Herskowitz said. “So I did that, and then I started fooling around with the jazz waltz version and he said, ‘Hey, why don’t you do a take? We might use that in a movie.’ And he did.”

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