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Micropolis Live: Eat With Your Hands


Tuesday June 25 2024 • 3:53am - 3:53am ET

Forget the forks, knives, spoons and sporks. On April 14, Micropolis reporter Arun Venugopal kicked off his live series on food, culture and race by showing us – with the help of his guests – how Indian food is meant to be eaten.

We dug into the distinct pleasures of utensil-free dining, exploring why so many people are uncomfortable eating with their hand in public – and what they’ve been missing. The discussion brought together guests Jeff Orlick, “Queens Qustodian” and organizer of the Momo Tour and Viva La Comida; Helen Hollyman, editor-in-chief of VICE’s “Munchies”; Himanshu Suri (aka HEEMS), whose new album is Eat Pray Thug; and world authority on Indian food, Madhur Jaffrey.

Watch an excerpt from the show, and check out on-demand video of the entire conversation below:

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