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‘Make Your Thing’ with Jesse Thorn and David Rees

Friday June 14 2024 • 9:13am - 9:13am ET

Jesse Thorn

What do Chris Hardwick, Killer Mike, Andrew WK and the blog Boing Boing have in common? They knew how to make their thing.

Since 2010, Jesse Thorn has been sharing his hour-long talk, “Make Your Thing,” with sold-out crowds in cities around the country and abroad. “Make Your Thing” focuses on how Thorn turned his college radio show into an independent media powerhouse, and how 12 other people, many of them his friends and colleagues, exemplify the qualities necessary to make independent artistic and career aspirations a reality in the internet age. Watch Thorn explain that it is possible to merge the commercial world with nonprofit ideals.

After the talk, comedian David Rees (“Going Deep“) lead an interactive Q&A session with Thorn.


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