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Lopate and Locavores: Getting Kids Past Fast Food with Chef Bill Telepan

Tuesday June 25 2024 • 5:31am - 5:31am ET

Chef Bill Telepan cooks up a healthy kids' menu for a panel of young tasters in The Greene Space

When you talk about picky eaters, the average kid can make a restaurant critic seem easy to please.

And making healthy meals for those fussy tastebuds can be even trickier, with fast food temptations, peer pressure from junk-food eating friends and the convenience that packaged, heat-and-eat meals give busy, working parents.

But there are ways to make simple and nutritious meals that children will really eat, says Bill Telepan, co-founder of Wellness in the Schools and chef of the Upper West Side restaurant Telepan. He joined WNYC’s Leonard Lopate in The Greene Space on October 30, 2013 for the final installment of our fourth annual food series, Lopate and Locavores.

They talked nutrition, school lunch, fast food culture and the importance of not only encouraging healthy eating habits in kids, but adopting them as an entire family. Then, Telepan cooked up a menu of healthy eats, with a panel of young tasters judging his creations.

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