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Let’s Talk: Election 2012

Sunday May 26 2024 • 7:03am - 7:03am ET

Farai Chideya

Just after the last presidential debate, join veteran political journalists Farai Chideya, Andrea Bernstein, Anna Sale, and Caitlin Thompson for an insider’s conversation on the 2012 elections.

Farai, Andrea, Anna and Caitlin will break down the debates, talk about how social media has changed this election season, share important insights from voters in key swing states, talk about the crucial role voter ID laws might play in this year’s outcome, and take your questions.

Farai Chideya is a noted public radio journalist, author, and professor.

Andrea Bernstein is Director of News Special Initiatives at WNYC, and has covered five presidential elections.

Caitlin Thompson is Editor of WNYC’s Politics Website, It’s a Free Country Dot Org.

Anna Sale is a radio and digital reporter for WNYC and It’s a Free Country, and has spent much of 2012 in the key swing states of Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

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