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Jazz Pianist Chuchito Valdés Performs in ‘The Soul of Cuba’ Live in The Greene Space

Tuesday May 21 2024 • 11:13pm - 11:13pm ET

Chuchito Valdés

Born in Havana, world-renowned jazz pianist Chuchito Valdés comes from one of the most distinguished musical families in Cuba. He’s the son of the legendary Chucho Valdés and grandson of the late Bebo Valdés.

An energetic performer known for his exciting blend of Caribbean rhythms and jazz, Chuchito enjoys a worldwide following. He’s played at festivals, clubs and concerts in Cuba and the Caribbean, across the United States and South America and throughout Europe.

In October 2010, Valdés joined us in The Greene Space for The Soul of Cuba, a celebration of Cuban culture through music, readings, food, wine and conversation. Watch his performance above.


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