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‘Finding Mabel’ New York Premiere Screening and Talkback

Tuesday July 23 2024 • 8:42am - 8:42am ET

Still from the documentary film, "Finding Mabel."

Finding Mabel” is a gripping documentary that follows a young woman on her journey to Argentina as she tries to piece together the enigmatic disappearance of the woman she was named after — one of the 30,000 people who disappeared during Argentina’s last military dictatorship.

Part scavenger hunt, part self-discovery, the film weaves Argentina’s recent dark past with today’s polarizing struggle for justice.

Watch this exclusive live video stream of the screening, followed by a talk back conversation with director Eileen Abarrca and Argentine educator and former political prisoner Nestor Fantini. They’ll discuss the documentary and the legacy and impact of those who disappeared.

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