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Dubliners: Araby

Dubliners: A Quartet

Tuesday May 21 2024 • 10:15pm - 10:15pm ET

Sean McNall

James Joyce’s collection of short stories, Dubliners, is now one of the best-loved works of literature in the English-speaking world. But when it was first published a hundred years ago, it was considered so scandalous it sold only a few hundred copies.

The Greene Space celebrated the centennial anniversary of the book’s publication with a presentation of a newly commissioned audio play written by award-winning playwright Arthur Yorinks and performed by an ensemble of noted actors and singers. The four-part play is inspired by four of Joyce’s Dubliners stories. The first three parts of the play each represents one of the stages of life in Joyce’s work: Araby – childhood; Eveline – adolescence; Clay – maturity; with The Dead completing the theatrical suite.

Watch on-demand video unedited from a live performance of the play, recorded in The Greene Space June 29, 2014:

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