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Dubliners: A Quartet

Dubliners: A Quartet

Monday July 22 2024 • 10:05am - 10:05am ET

The full company of The Greene Space's production of the audio play, 'Dubliners: A Quartet'

Matthew Septimus

James Joyce’s Dubliners, once considered scandalous, sacrilegious—and, for a decade, unpublishable—celebrated its 100th year in print in 2014. The stories in the collection peer into the lives of everyday Irish men and women—the poor, the ordinary, working girls and wandering men—portraying otherwise unremarkable people in some of the most luminous prose in the English language, recording their hopes and dreams, triumphs and tragedies in all their ragged humanity.

On the occasion of this landmark anniversary, The Greene Space and the Irish Arts Center presented Dubliners: A Quartet, a newly commissioned audio play written by award-winning playwright Arthur Yorinks and inspired by Joyce’s stories. Yorinks’ quartet draws from four of Joyce’s stories: Araby, Eveline, Clay and The Dead. The first three represent the stages of life in Joyce’s work: childhood, adolescence and maturity. The Dead completes the suite.

Watch archived video of the four-part play below:

A single company of noted actors performed all four parts of the play in one evening in this multi-faceted celebration of Joyce’s work and influence on modern literature in the early part of the 20th-century. Jim Simpson, Artistic Director of The Flea Theater in Tribeca, co-directed with Yorinks. Edward Barnes, Producing Director of The Collegiate Chorale, served as musical director, arranging the traditional Irish music performed live. Sarah Montague served as dramaturg.

Cormac Cullinane
Terry Donnelly
Peter Gerety
Sean Gormley
John Keating
Sean Mcnall
Aedin Moloney
Maddy Sher
Fiana Toibin
Fiona Walsh
Dana Ivey

Supporting Players
Dominique Brillon
Adelind Horan
Jon Huggins
Hank Lin

Vocal Soloists
Glenn Seven Allen
Kathryn Guthrie
Mellissa Hughes

Emily Calderin
Stephen Weber
Lauren Tucker Cross
Anna Giannicchi
Savannah Gordon
David Salyers

Upright Piano
Cecilia Coleman

Grand Piano
Edward Barnes

Steve Gibb

Calum Pasqua

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