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Citizenship Now: Civic Engagement

Thursday July 25 2024 • 2:58am - 2:58am ET

Building community. Organizing. Activating people. Civic engagement is key to creating change on any level.

Hear from social entrepreneurs about how they’re creating greater civic engagement by connecting communities, amplifying voices, and creating change.

We’ll find out why our guests couldn’t ignore the problems they saw, and how they are working to address them. Each of our social entrepreneurs comes to this complex issue with a different perspective – and a different solution. Hear them discuss what they’ve discovered about how to create change and empower people – and how you can challenge yourself and commit to finding ways to take action. Hosted by WNYC’s Jami Floyd.


Amanda Alexander is founder of the Detroit Justice Center and a racial justice lawyer who works alongside community-based movements to end mass incarceration and build thriving and inclusive cities.

Darrell Scott is co-founder and director of PushBlack, the nation’s first mobile-based Black organizing group. PushBlack sends daily Black history stories and news to subscribers and activates them to vote during elections. 

Rohit Malhotra is founder and executive director of the Center for Civic Innovation in Atlanta, his hometown city. CCI invests in locally-grown solutions to civic challenges in the Atlanta metro area – a region at once home to some of the most successful companies in the world and one of the highest rates of income inequality in the United States.


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