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Change Every Day: Eat Your Values

Change Every Day

Wednesday June 19 2024 • 2:20am - 2:20am ET

What do composting or legal contracts have to do with the last meal you ate? Why should we have insight into the businesses growing, producing and sourcing the food we eat?

Watch a live video stream as we launch our Change Every Day series with Echoing Green, and learn how all of these facets work together toward a truly just food system for all.

Guests include Rachel Armstrong, founder and executive director of Farm CommonsSara Day Evans, founding director of Accelerating Appalachia; and Jeffrey Neal, founder of Loop Closing. Hosted by WNYC’s Shumita Basu.

About Change Every Day

There is hope in change. In this special partnership with Echoing Green, you’ll discover how you can harness your day-to-day choices to create a collective transformation. Over four events at The Greene Space, leading entrepreneurs, engineers, organizers and activists working from Appalachia to New York City will share their incredible work and the steps they’re taking to make the world more sustainable, safe and equitable. Bring your ideas and curiosity.

→ See full series schedule and details

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