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2013 Battle of the Boroughs: Queens Winner

Battle of the Boroughs

Monday July 15 2024 • 4:59am - 4:59am ET

The Dirty Gems, winners of 2013 Queens Battle of the Boroughs

Congratulations to The Dirty Gems, winners of our Battle of the Boroughs: Queens competition!

Get your tickets now to see them perform on June 21 in The Ultimate Battle, where they’ll compete against Brooklyn’s Victor V. Gurbo & Co. and the other borough winners in our city-wide talent quest.

A huge thanks to all the Queens bands who rocked The Greene Space stage and congrats to the bands who made it to the finals. You all inspire us and remind us of the power that music has to bring people together. Subscribe to our YouTube channel now and watch all of their peformances.

Battle of the Boroughs: The Bronx
Next up: The Bronx battles on Friday, April 5 to see who will represent their borough. Buy your tickets now!

Watch The Dirty Gems’ winning performance: 


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