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Sophia Wallace, clitoris installation, 2023

The Greene Space presents selected works by New York City based artist Sophia Wallace at the corner of Charlton Street and Varick Street in Soho now through June 27, 2023. The exhibition includes ceramic and neon sculptures, inflatables, and a site-specific installation, all centering the clitoris. Find out more about Sophia and her work here.

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Artist Statement

As conservative politicians wield the law to deny gender complexity and to pathologize acts of intimacy that are not solely for reproduction, it is urgent that civil society critically consider the politics of pleasure. Culturally, the penis is venerated with phallic obelisks that decorate national lawns and cemeteries. Though the clitoris is equally pervasive in nature, the clitoridian is unknown. From art, to advertising, to architecture, there are very few clits to be found.  And yet, the clitoridan is a primary symbol. It speaks to pleasure for the sake of itself, that serves no greater utility than joy. In contrast to the singular, hierarchical phallic, the clitoridian gives voice to unseen power, strength created through the unity of many. 

I’m honored to present the artworks in this show at The Greene Space, where robust discourse and creative expression exist in harmony. My hope is that this profoundly rare spectacle offers viewers a chance to unburden themselves of the weight of genital self-hatred, offering aesthetic reverence in place of erasure.” 

How to View

The work can be viewed from outside the windows of our space at 44 Charlton Street at the corner of Varick Street, and can be viewed inside the space whenever we are open for events as well as on weekdays by appointment. Please email us at thegreenespace@nypublicradio.org to schedule a visit.

The artist, Sophia Wallace, holding her sculpture.

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