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The Brian Lehrer Show Live Broadcast

The Brian Lehrer Show Live

Tuesday June 23 2009 • 10:00am - 12:00pm ET
In-person event

Brian Lehrer


The Digesting Politics podcast goes live as host Brian Lehrer is joined by WNYC reporters Andrea Bernstein and Elaine Rivera for a free-flowing discussion about the chaos in Albany and other local politics. Then, an interactive review of the “Uncommon Economic Indicators” project with New York Times labor reporter Steven Greenhouse, some of our favorite contributors live in the audience, and a focused discussion on the phenomenon of “doubling up” among the working poor and homeless. The second hour commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion: Stonewall veterans share their memories of the event; Studio 360’s Kurt Andersen on redesigning the gay flag and what it means today; and Democracy’s Living Room explores the legacy of Stonewall and the future of the gay rights movement.

Watch video from the show:

Andrea Bernstein and Elaine Rivera talk with Brian Lehrer about the mess in Albany and other local politics over breakfast.

Brian Lehrer, Kurt Andersen and Mark Randall discuss Studio 360’s gay pride flag redesign project.

Event Details

2 hours
The Greene Space
44 Charlton Street
New York , NY United States

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